MyHYPERTrack Cloud-Based Learning Management System.
Learn With Purpose.

Engage your learning audience instantly wherever they are and create a comprehensive record for managers and compliance requirements.

Let MyHYPERTrack do the work for you:

Lower Learning Cost
Quick rollout through cloud deployment. No more wasted hours manually recording information requirements, missed tracking activities, or creating lengthy spreadsheets.
Improved Employee performance
Deliver widespread training for continuous learning so that employees gain the knowledge they need to perform their jobs consistently.
Enhanced Workplace Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements quickly and easily with compliance training, shareable audits & automated reporting.

MyHYPERtrack is a sleek learning management system designed for your team to stay in compliance (OSHA, EPA, FSMA, professional licenses and more) with content updates and versatile data at a price that makes sense for your organization.

Built for Customization

We created MyHYPERtrack to be as versatile as possible for integration and customization when your organization’s needs change.


The MyHYPERTrack Learning Management System provides an easy way for your organization to leverage its intellectual capital and increase Sales and Employee Performance. Designed for use on the Internet and internal networks, the MyHYPERTrack subscription service makes it easy to instantly deliver information when and where you need it. The ability to assign, deliver and track any file format gives you the power to quickly build a Learning Center that enhances your employee's performance and organization's ability to succeed in today's fast-paced world.

Intuitive interface, flexible features, and scalability make MyHYPERTrack a perfect choice for your organization.

  • Organizations of any size that need to manage and leverage their combined knowledge assets and best practices
  • Associations, Special Interest, and User Groups that want to offer more value to their membership
  • Companies that need to prove they meet government compliance requirements
  • Organizations that need to inform or train their customers and vendors
  • Organizations who want a knowledge center with minimum effort and expense
  • Add any commonly used files that include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Photo (.jpg, .bmp), as well as Video (.mp4,.wmv, .mov, .qt), and Sound (.wav, .mp3) In simple terms any file your users can view already can be added and tracked.
  • Assign the above files and automatically notify the assignee by email with embedded links to the assigned item which allows the assignee to simply click on the link in the email to view the assigned item without having to log in. This happens while still using the security you expect.
  • Search and retrieve any installed file or knowledge asset
  • Track and manage online training and files as well as classroom and offsite training
  • Multiple Organization and Administration Levels make it perfect for Associations to provide a valuable service to their membership.
  • Activity reports span your entire organization's training activity and can be quickly generated to assist knowledge management or help meet government compliance requirements.
  • Unlimited online Surveys and Tests can be quickly created and made instantly available
  • Compatible with Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Can be installed on your own internal Web Server or provided as a Hosted service
  • Secure with 128bit SSL encryption
  • SCORM 1.2 compliant
  • Product Support with real people

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