Information is Power and the more of it you have the better you are able to meet your goals for success.

The MyMarketing System is an extremely affordable internet marketing solution for any size organization and is designed for people with little or no html programming experience. If you can read and click a mouse button you can Create, Send, and Track internet marketing campaigns generated with MyMarketing's powerful System.

eCards are what you send to your prospects that describe your products and services. Import your Contacts and Prospects then Create your eCard or modify one of our ready-to-use professional eCard Templates. You can now have a powerful eMarketing Program for just pennies a day.

The MyMarketing System is made up of 3 main components:

  • Contacts or Prospects
  • eCards
  • Resources

Contacts are the people you want to buy your products or services. You can add them to the system manually using simple forms or import them from a spreadsheet or database. After they have been entered into the system you can send them eCards and track all activity related to them.


eCards are graphical email messages that you create and send from the MyMarketing System to one or more of your contacts. You can use the professionally designed templates to get started or create your own using the eCard creator tool that has a simple "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" interface. Add text, photos, and graphics and save your eCard for immediate or future use. Preview your message prior to sending it and edit it any time your message changes.


Resources are items that you want your contacts to view. Items can be almost anything that can be viewed on the internet such as Video and Flash Animation, Audio, Photos, PDF documents and many other common file formats. Your contacts and prospects access your resources by clicking on the resource link you have added to the eCard. These links can be added or removed at any time to any one of your eCards using the eCard creator tool. Each time a contact clicks the resource link in your eCard, it is recorded to the eCard's activity records. The activity may be viewed at any time.

What Activity Records are Stored?

When activity occurs, it is recorded in all three areas of the system. For example, if a Contact is sent an eCard or the eCard is viewed, a record is added to the Contact's activity as well as the eCard's activity. If the resource link in the eCard is clicked, an activity record is added to the Prospect, the Resource, and the eCard's activity. Each record includes the date and time it occurred and the elapsed time of the activity.

How to get started

Register at Fill out the simple form and follow the onscreen instructions if shown and within a few minutes you will be ready to start building your own marketing program and a more successful business.