IO Solutions was approached several years ago to help a school district in Kalispell Montana to develop a web application that would allow teachers to view, sign up, and track inservice teacher continuing education. The system dubbed PIRNet needed to provide a smooth and integrated approach to adding training sessions from a variety of locations simultaneously. Teachers could then login to the system and quickly select from the training offerings throughout the school disctrict.

IO Solutions helped to modify and add features that let the customer define how the software should work for them. After several years of use the system has provided a tremendous value for the district by streamlining the process for both the administrators, the teachers, and the State of Montana.

Over the next few years additional applications were developed:

SchoolTime - a web-based time collection and reporting tool

FedPro - a web-based database creator that allows the district to create web databases anytime they want without the need for a programmer. Perfect for Federal progams management and No Child Left Behind requirements.